The Bell Inn

Addess:Ware Street, Bearsted, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 4PA
Telephone: 01622 532980


Prawn Crackers Served with a choice of our delicious peanut or sweet chilli dipping sauce £2
Thai Calamari (Pla Muk Grob) Deep fried calamari, in five spice homemade tempura Thai style £6.50
Thai Fish Cakes (Tod Man Pla) Noi’s special Thai fishcakes served with Sweet chilli sauce & salad £6.50
Chicken Satay (Kai Satay) Succulent grilled lemongrass chicken with peanut dipping sauce £6.50
Pork Skewers (Moo Ping) Char-grilled pork, marinated in honey, soy and roasted coriander seeds £6.50
Pork Dim Sum (Kanomjeeb) Thai mince pork dumplings £6.00
Fried Spring Rolls (Por Pia Tod) Vegetarian Crisp, deep-fried homemade hand rolled spring rolls, stuffed with veg and noodles £6.00
Tofu in tamarind sauce ( Toa Hu Tod) Vegetarian Lightly fried firm tofu, drizzled with sweet & sour tamarind sauce, garnished with toasted sesame seed, fried shallots & coriander £6.00
Tom Yum Soup Hot & Sour Soup Shavings of raw Thai papaya, pounded with fine beans, carrots & tangy dressing From £5.50
Drunken Noodles (Guaytiew Pad Kee Mao) The name refers to this being the perfect dish after or before a night out! Delightfully spicy flat noodles with a bunch of blended Thai herbs From £9.50
Pad Thai One of the most famous dishes in Thailand, Stir fried noodles with homemade tamarind sauce, palm sugar, eggs & crushed peanuts From £9.50
Stir fried flat Noodles (Pad See Ewe) A Thai favourite, rice noodles with eggs, spring greens & sweet soya sauce From £9.50
Red curry with chicken & pineapple (Gaeng Supparod Kai) Our favourite curry based on Noi’s mum’s special recipe! You will find how pineapple combines perfectly with spice of red curry paste £10.50
Massaman Curry (Gaeng Massaman) Fragrant Massaman curry with silk road spices, potatoes & peanuts From £9.50
Butternut Red Curry (Fukthong Gaeng Dang) Vegetarian Red curry is laced with butternut squash, bamboo shoots & basil £8.50
Penang Curry (Gaeng Penang) Thick & creamy penang curry with a hint of lime leaves & fragrant galangal From £9.50
Thai Green Curry (Gaeng Kiaw Wan ) Thailand’s best loved curry is also a bestseller here! Served with aubergine bamboo shoots & sweet basil From £9.50
Chicken with Cashew Nut (Gai Pad Metmamnang) Stir fried cashew nuts & mushrooms, with seasame oil plus Noi’s stir-fried sauce £10.50
Chilli & Basil Stir Fry (Pad Krapow) Spicy and fragrant with Thai basil onions & long beans From £9.50
Aubergine Stir Fry (Pad Makhue) Vegetarian A Thai favourite, Aubergine deep fried in eggs & potato flour, then stir-fried with yellow bean sauce and chilli, plus a bunch of fragrant Thai herbs £9.50
Butternut Cashew Stir Fry (Fukthong Pad Metmamnang) Vegetarian Meat free version of the famous Gai Pad Metmamnang, made with sweet butternut, cashews, mushrooms & dried roasted chillies £9.50
Salmon Red Curry (Chu Chi Pla) Lightly battered salmon fillet in red & panang curry sauce with fresh Thai herbs, garnished with lime leaves £12.50
Beef Chilli Jam Stir Fry (Nur Prik Poa) Fragrant of chilli jam stir fry with Noi’s special stir fry sauce, plus sesame oil, mushrooms & coriander £10.50
Steamed Jasmine Rice (Khao Suay) £2.80
Coconut Rice (Khao Krati) £3.10
Egg Fried Rice (Khao Pad Kai) £3.50
Steamed Sticky Rice (Khao Niew) £3.50
Plain Noodles (Kuay Tiew) £3.00